Welcome to our official Web site of Tavern STEKI at Agia Efimia on Kefalonia - Cephalonia Island

In the eastern part of Cephalonia, situated in a natural creek, there is the beautiful seaside village of Agia Efimia.

A place with lots of natural beauties and many more contracts, Agia Efimia is surrounded by the mountains of “Agia Dinati” and “Kalon Oros”, the huge plain of Pylaros and of course the sea. Old mansions co-exist harmoniously with newer edifices, like the stone paved alleys with asphalted roads and the old “gaites” (fishing boats) with the most modern yachts.

In this weird land, Mrs Giannoula started in 1984 the most distant journey in taste and tradition and set up the traditional tavern “To Steki”.

In a small place in front of the sea and near the lighthouse the legend of “Steki” began.